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In today’s video, we will discuss how to enter transfer orders using Transfer Entry in Prophet 21.

The Transfer Entry window is used to create transfers manually. Entering a planned transfer is much like entering a customer order: you must specify the items to move, how many to move, which location is the source, what carrier and ship route will be used, and which location is the destination. – Epicor

Enter the Source and Location IDs:

Enter the Source Location ID, which is the location that you will pull the inventory from.

In this example, before I put my destination location in, the Planned Receipt Date is 9/20. But when I enter the Destination Location ID (for Location 20), it jumps to 9/30 and auto-fills the Default Carrier ID.

📋 Remember, in the previous video, we talked about Transfer Days Maintenance. We scheduled an extra ten days on average for the transfer to get to the destination location.

Enter an item in Transfer Entry:

Next, go to the bottom part of the Transfer Entry window. Add the items just like you would on a sales order PO, or any other screen you could think of. It shows you the quantity available.

For this example, I am going to request an allocation of twenty items.

Transfer Entry Tabs:

Transfer Notes: This contains your header notes and line notes for a transfer. You can also edit an existing note here.

Document Links: This tab allows you to attach external documents to a Transfer.

Shipment: This tab has the Shipment Number, Print Date, Carrier, Tracking Number, and Ship Date for each shipment in a Transfer.

Audit Trail: This tab shows a detailed record of the changes made to a Transfer.

At the bottom of this screen, there are some of the same tabs and information.

Lot: This tab shows the lot number assigned to the items in your Transfer.

📋 We won’t talk about transfer charges or consignment, as they are a little bit more advanced than we want to get into.

Printing a transfer pick ticket in Prophet 21:

Finally, to print your pick ticket, you must select the Print Form check box. Print Acknowledgment is just like a Sales Order Acknowledgment. But the Print Form gives us our actual pick ticket to pick and ship, which I will cover in the next video.

So all you need to do is check the Print Form box and hit Save to print the pick ticket.

If you have any other questions on transfers, put a comment down below.

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