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Connect Prophet 21 to Your Data Streams

We work with your business processes to connect P21 with third-party software so you can stop entering data manually.

Screenshot showing controls for different data points in Magento Prophet 21 integration
Integrations We’ve Done

Is your team stuck with manual data processes?

Your core business runs on Prophet 21, but there are some things it cannot do. You might sell things on the web or use a mobile app for service calls. Whatever your needs, it can be tedious getting data from third-party software back to P21 for record keeping and accounting.

Problems You May Be Experiencing

  • Your team spends a lot of time manually entering orders into P21
  • Manual data entry makes records unreliable and inconsistent
  • Your “out of the box” integration doesn’t fit what you really need
  • You oversell inventory because it is not synced with P21
  • You can’t sell online because prices change too fast to update a web store manually
  • You can’t sell online because prices price pages are too complicated to translate to a web store

Data Integrations

We offer a hosted custom solution that integrates P21 with many different third-party programs. The integration is built to fit your needs and specifications, we do not try to fit you into a generic package. We can integrate with Epicor’s Prophet 21 hosted on Azure, cloud based or on-premise systems.

We monitor system data and send automated alerts to your team and ours if an error arises. We are committed to fixing issues before you are aware they exist, so your team can focus on driving revenue and optimizing efficiency.


  • Reduction of manual entry allows for faster order processing
  • Include more data with automated sales orders, for better reporting in P21
  • Near real-time inventory sync reduces over-selling
  • Automatically updated customized pricing on your web storefront
  • Automated alerts if the data import fails
  • Custom Data Shaping and rules to optimize communication between systems

Seamlessly integrate your key processes with Prophet 21.


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We will collaborate with your team to assess key business processes and system requirements.

Develop a Customized Plan

We will develop a comprehensive and customized solution to connect your company's integral functionalities.

Do More with Prophet 21

Empower your team for increased productivity and growth with streamlined P21 processes that work for them.
Case Study

Magento Prophet 21 Integration for B2B and B2C Ecommerce

  • Customer, Order, Inventory, and Pricing Integrations
  • Custom pricing in Magento from P21 Price Pages 
  • Full P21 order history available in Magento
  • Configurable table columns and filters on category pages with UoM functionality

Thank you Andy and the team at Atlas! You have saved my accounting team countless hours of work with all that you have done for us. You are quick with solutions to our problems and they have all been extremely helpful! You have helped me build a more efficient department for my company!!

Accounts Payable Upload Project

This was the project which pushed the bar on what we thought we could or could not do with P21.

Auto Allocations Project

From the beginning of the project, Andy formed a direct plan based on our wants and needs with the system. He delivered on that plan faster than I would have thought and for less money than I was imagining. I would recommend anyone with a P21 system that needs a little tweaking to contact Atlas and spend a little time going over your system. It will help immensely.

Thank you. This is a major step towards getting good CRM activity for Outside Sales.

Web Based CRM Project

Thanks so much for all of your help and tutelage this past year. We couldn’t have done it without you. I know I learned A TON!

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