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Convert your systems  and processes to P21

We safely transition your system to Epicor’s Prophet 21 and provide expert support and training to empower your team for long-term sustainability.

Data Conversions We’ve Done

Is your company moving to Prophet 21?

Implementations are long-term, costly projects. If they are not done correctly, the transition can be painful and expensive. A successful implementation requires an understanding of not only technology, but also process and most importantly…people.

Problems You May Be Experiencing

  • You lack the in-house resources to guide the project to completion
  • You cannot justify hiring additional staff to do a one-time data conversion
  • You are dealing with really long delivery times
  • Your implementation is struggling or has failed
  • You are working with short term solutions
  • Your team doesn’t have a deep enough understanding of the system to complete the data conversion


Whether your company is transitioning from a different ERP or converting multiple systems, you can rely on our team’s extensive P21 Implementation experience to successfully guide your project to completion.

We ask detailed questions upfront, present a clearly defined conversion plan, and provide a comprehensive approach to get the most complete and accurate data into your new system.

What We Bring To Your Project

  • Fresh leadership perspective and reliable expertise
  • Deep understanding of Prophet 21 specialized modules
  • Clear communication and proactive support
  • Extensive information retrieval at the start to clearly understand your business objectives and how to achieve them
  • Work with unique deadlines and requirements — not every conversion is the same and should never be treated as such
  • Achievable project milestones with clear goals and defined deliverables
  • Custom system modifications tailored to your company
  • A relentless commitment to a complete and accurate transfer of data from your legacy system

Start your transition to Prophet 21 with confidence.


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We break projects down into their most basic units and work with clients to set defined goals.

Create a Custom Implementation Plan

We will present a custom plan with defined milestones and clear deliverables on a timeline tailored to your business.

Focus the Capabilities of Prophet 21

Optimize your business growth with a fully customized, safely implemented, and expert-supported P21 system.
Case Study

Merging Two Databases into One Optimized Epicor Prophet 21 System

  • P21 Databases from 2 separate companies
  • Merge into one database 
  • Advise and adopt best practices  

Thank you Andy and the team at Atlas! You have saved my accounting team countless hours of work with all that you have done for us. You are quick with solutions to our problems and they have all been extremely helpful! You have helped me build a more efficient department for my company!!

Accounts Payable Upload Project

This was the project which pushed the bar on what we thought we could or could not do with P21.

Auto Allocations Project

From the beginning of the project, Andy formed a direct plan based on our wants and needs with the system. He delivered on that plan faster than I would have thought and for less money than I was imagining. I would recommend anyone with a P21 system that needs a little tweaking to contact Atlas and spend a little time going over your system. It will help immensely.

Thank you. This is a major step towards getting good CRM activity for Outside Sales.

Web Based CRM Project

Thanks so much for all of your help and tutelage this past year. We couldn’t have done it without you. I know I learned A TON!

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