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Prophet 21 Consulting that leverages the power of your system.

We create custom solutions to help you focus on your growth, cash flow, and inventory, not your computer system. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the business.

Data Conversions & Integrations We’ve Done

Is P21 working at full efficiency for your company?

Prophet 21 is a powerfully versatile ERP solution. Its complexity provides many opportunities to customize and streamline the system to your business and support your operations as they scale. But without sufficient time or expertise, it is difficult to fully optimize P21’s capabilities.

Problems You May Be Experiencing

  • You are struggling to adapt your ERP system to custom project requirements.
  • Your “out of the box” integration doesn’t fit what you really need.
  • You get a lower ROI since your system is not tailored to your company.
  • Your team doesn’t have a deep enough understanding of the system to complete a data conversion or implementation with P21.
  • You are having difficulty making your business operations interact seamlessly with a web storefront.
  • You have P21 projects that are approved but get implemented too slowly, or keep getting pushed off due to “other priorities.”
  • Your team is struggling with slow-moving support and limited customization options post-implementation.

Prophet 21 is a tool, and like any tool, it should be making the work easier.

If it isn’t, something is wrong.

We offer the following services to help you with all areas of Prophet 21 from setup, management, optimization, and support, to selling online.

Custom P21 Development

Customize P21 with business rules and development.

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Get set up on P21 with all of your critical data and processes.

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Stop manual data entry. Integrate P21 with third-party software.

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Sell directly to customers through your website, integrated with P21.

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Support & Monitoring

Prevent downtime events and get help with tough problems.

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Make your P21 System the best it can be

Atlas Precision Consulting works with your team to develop real solutions to your P21 issues. We aim to bring value to your business, and support your ability to grow.

We work behind the scenes, often when everyone is out of the system, to get your changes implemented and help you get the most from the system. Think of Atlas as your Tier 2 and above support staff.


  • Focused technology consulting services backed by C-level expertise
  • Improved ROI since every part is designed specifically for your company and optimized to work for you
  • Include more data with automated sales orders, for better reporting in P21
  • Future development is simpler and easier to manage because it is a custom product
  • More centralized and user-friendly process that grows as you do
  • A team that is well educated and fully equipped to manage their product for optimum performance
  • Expert site support to handle complex tasks, fix bugs, and implement new features
  • On-demand support and training through email, phone, or video
  • A system that does what you want and works FOR you the first time around
Case Study

How BlackHawk Dealt with Quickly Changing Supplier Costs

  • Import 80k+ items from Excel
  • Validate all changes within seconds
  • Schedule an effective import date
  • Update price and many other item attributes

Thank you Andy and the team at Atlas! You have saved my accounting team countless hours of work with all that you have done for us. You are quick with solutions to our problems and they have all been extremely helpful! You have helped me build a more efficient department for my company!!

Accounts Payable Upload Project

This was the project which pushed the bar on what we thought we could or could not do with P21.

Auto Allocations Project

From the beginning of the project, Andy formed a direct plan based on our wants and needs with the system. He delivered on that plan faster than I would have thought and for less money than I was imagining. I would recommend anyone with a P21 system that needs a little tweaking to contact Atlas and spend a little time going over your system. It will help immensely.

Thank you. This is a major step towards getting good CRM activity for Outside Sales.

Web Based CRM Project

Thanks so much for all of your help and tutelage this past year. We couldn’t have done it without you. I know I learned A TON!

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