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In today’s video, we are going to talk about some basics of using the document links feature in Prophet 21.

The Document Links tab appears in many different places in Prophet 21. They always function generally the same. The only thing that really changes is the areas you can display and share document links.

  • If you start from a sales order, it is going to be very sales and shipping oriented.
  • If you start it from the purchase order, it will be in the realm of supplier or accounts payable.

We are going to start with a Sales Order.

Right-click on the Link Name in the sales order and select View from the options.

The file will automatically download to a computer, but it also opens in a tab just like a print preview will (depending on the type of file).

Right-click in an open space and select Add Order Entry/RMA Link.

Name the Link. You do not have to name the link exactly what you are uploading. However, I generally do because I find that it is easier to remember.

➡️ One thing to remember when uploading files is to make sure they have unique names. Do not just do a generic “Invoice” (or “Company A’s invoice”) because the system will override the name.

In this section, you also have the option to make the Document Link available for outside use. This includes functions like emailing or faxing.

Available Areas:

The Available Areas box at the bottom of this page will change depending on what area you are launching from.

Since we are in a Sales Order, all of the options are very order-, invoice-, and shipping-based.

This box enables you to select areas that you want to be available. It is not recommended to select all because it could get really tedious for you. Especially if your selections include something like Item Master Inquiry, you could end up putting a lot of noise out there.

Once you finish selecting your preferred areas, click OK, and the document is now added.

Start by right-clicking on the “Documents Linked To” box.

Select Edit Order Entry/RMA Link from the options.

Make any desired edits to the available areas.

You can delete the linked document from the populated window if necessary. Or you can delete it directly from the main window by selecting Delete from the Status options.

When you hit Save, it will delete the link.

There are a lot of different things you can do with Document Links.

You can print out an email in a PDF format, so you have a record of it, and it travels with the order.

It is also important to note, you do not have to keep the document in the same place once you have uploaded it into Prophet 21. It just makes a copy of your document. It does not look for the folder from which you originally uploaded it.

It is important to note that Excel documents and Word documents operate a little bit differently from each other.

If I right-click on an Excel document and hit view, it will not open in a tab like a Word document does. It will open up a Copy that is downloaded onto my PC.


The Document Links feature is a very useful tool, especially when you need something specific tied to a contract. Or if you have a quote signed as approved and you want to put a copy of that quote signed and approved in the order.

If you guys have any more questions about document links or anything other Prophet 21 features, comment below.

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