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Epicor Prophet 21 development to meet your needs

We build the tools that don’t exist yet so you can quickly accomplish more with your Epicor Prophet 21 system without hiring more people.


Software that fits your business model and grows with you.


Solutions that leverage the power of P21 and speed up your processes.

Designed for You

Custom designs that optimize your ROI and competitive advantage.

Continued Support

Expert support that provides real solutions and training.

Does it feel impossible to fully utilize P21?

Epicor’s Prophet 21 is a powerful ERP but sometimes your requirements extend beyond out of the box functionality. Rather than bend your company to fit P21, we can help you optimize it to meet your unique needs.

Problems You May Be Experiencing

  • Your ERP system cannot adapt to custom project requirements
  • You get a lower ROI since it isn’t tailored to your company
  • You have no control over what the “out of the box” product looks like and how it functions
  • The system is difficult to change, with not much flexibility
  • You are paying for features you don’t use
  • The company is still working with a clunky, spreadsheet-driven process

Custom Development

We use a combination of tools within and outside of Prophet 21 to create scalable, efficient P21 modifications.  We strive to create user-friendly applications that streamline your processes and strengthen core operations. Every project is backed by a team that is ready to answer your questions and provide practical training for your company.


  • Improved ROI since every part is designed specifically for your company and optimized to work for you
  • You have control over what the product looks like and your team has an active part in designing the system they are using
  • Future development is simpler and easier to manage because it is built on the same technology that P21 uses
  • More centralized and user-friendly process that grows as you do
  • A team that is well educated and fully equipped to manage their product for optimum performance
  • Boosted competitive advantage because you’re working with a proprietary product/process
  • A system that does what you want and works FOR you the first time around
  • A custom project that is built to be upgrade-safe. We do not put your baseline ERP system at risk of being unable to update the software in the future.

Get started with a Prophet 21 system that works for you.


Book a Free Consultation

We ask a lot of questions to understand how your specific system works and how we can make it fit your business better.

Create a Custom Development Plan

We will present a detailed plan with clearly defined goals that focus on creating a fully optimized P21 system.

Leverage the Power of Prophet 21

Get the competitive advantage your team needs from a P21 system that is user-friendly, flexible, and scalable.
Case Study

How BlackHawk Dealt with Quickly Changing Supplier Costs

  • Import 80k+ items from Excel
  • Validate all changes within seconds
  • Schedule an effective import date
  • Update price and many other item attributes

Thank you Andy and the team at Atlas! You have saved my accounting team countless hours of work with all that you have done for us. You are quick with solutions to our problems and they have all been extremely helpful! You have helped me build a more efficient department for my company!!

Accounts Payable Upload Project

This was the project which pushed the bar on what we thought we could or could not do with P21.

Auto Allocations Project

From the beginning of the project, Andy formed a direct plan based on our wants and needs with the system. He delivered on that plan faster than I would have thought and for less money than I was imagining. I would recommend anyone with a P21 system that needs a little tweaking to contact Atlas and spend a little time going over your system. It will help immensely.

Thank you. This is a major step towards getting good CRM activity for Outside Sales.

Web Based CRM Project

Thanks so much for all of your help and tutelage this past year. We couldn’t have done it without you. I know I learned A TON!

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