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We Are Atlas

A team of Epicor Prophet 21 experts with the tools to make your wildest dreams come to life.

If you’ve been told, P21 can’t do that

If you already tried turning it off and on again

If having a fully optimized P21 system tailored to your company’s needs seems like a fantasy

We think your team deserves something different


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Hours of Support

We Are Tool Builders

P21 is a complex system – it needs to support your business as it scales. But with that complexity comes the struggle to fully utilize all of its capabilities. We build bridges and connections between P21 and your business.

We create solutions to the problems you have, and the ones that you are about to have. These problems cost you time, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. When your company is at its best, it keeps your world running. That’s what we want to help you do.

And we believe in carrying that philosophy into everything we do. So as a team, we invest in connecting with our community. We build bridges that help bring people together and create real results–through code and in real-life service.

When Atlas first started, we spent a great deal of time deciding on a simple, yet meaningful set of values that would guide all the work we do and the way we serve our customers. We are committed to providing authenticity, clarity, and results.


Explain what you want your result to be, and we’ll help you figure out the in-betweens.

Just like you, we use P21 on a daily basis. So we don’t provide generic answers, and we don’t try to upsell you on features you don’t need.


You are never left in the dark with a project, and you never have to chase down status updates.

We say what we mean. We keep communication simple and direct. We communicate proactively and with precision.


You need a complete solution that leverages the power of P21 and keeps you ahead of the competition.

We set clear and measurable goals, so we can prioritize what matters to your company. We believe in delivering real value, not reports or instructions.

Atlas team volunteering with Curt's Closet

Meet Our Team

Atlas is a small, close-knit team of people who care about providing quality service. We treat people the way we want to be treated, and we have fun doing it. We have a wonderful resource in one another; a place to geek out over pop-culture and a place to get technical answers when we are stumped. If one person can’t figure out a difficult issue, it goes to the team. Someone in our group of P21 veterans will know the answer, or the best way to get an answer.

Meet the Team

Our Story

With decades of experience in the industrial distribution sphere, Andrew Podner had been working for companies utilizing Epicor Prophet 21 for quite a while by 2017. And in that time, he saw first-hand the need for a holistic consulting company that not only knew P21 with expert-level precision, but also disrupted traditional IT methods of aloof service. So in May of that year, he took the leap and decided to do something about it. He launched Atlas Precision Consulting, LLC and originally focused primarily on Business Rules, Forms/Reports, and of course, Consulting.

The company quickly grew though as P21 users began to see quick returns and powerful results by partnering with Andy and our team. In 2019, Atlas extended our services to provide Support and Remote Monitoring for Prophet 21 systems, and by the first quarter of 2021 we began providing full-service Implementations and our first Cloud-Based Integrations.

To date, Atlas has expanded even further to become a consulting team of experts with the experience and drive to support every area Prophet 21 serves—including Custom Developments, Integrations, E-Commerce, Implementations, and Support. But along the way, we have never lost our unwavering commitment to our original vision—being the team that focuses on the humans our tech supports and having the expertise to make your wildest dreams a reality. And we are just getting started.

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