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In today’s video, we will talk about the basics of converting a PO (Purchase Order) to a Voucher in Prophet 21.

How to Use Convert PO to Voucher in Prophet 21:

Step 1: Collect Purchase Order(s)

  • Start by entering a Vendor ID in the Voucher Information Tab.

If you do not know your Vendor ID, you can always use the in-line search to bring up a list of vendors.

  • Once you select your vendor, Prophet 21 will open the Receipt screen.

convert po to voucher receipts

This screen shows the Purchase Orders in a grid format. You can select multiple lines if you are invoiced for multiple at the same time.

Every time you click on one, it will change the items displayed below including their quantity received and their extended costs.

  • Hit OK.
  • The system then pulls the items and enters them in the bottom field of the main Convert PO to Voucher screen.
  • If there is any additional information attached to the Purchase Order (such as Notes or Document Links), those would also be available to view in the bottom field’s tabs.

Step 2: Enter Voucher Information

convert po to voucher prophet 21

  • Input the Invoice Date. This is the date the vendor sent an invoice.
  • Enter the Invoice Amount. This includes freight when applicable.
  • Enter the Invoice Number.
  • Both Period and Year should default to your current year.
  • Enter the Total Freight.
  • The only two options for Prorating Freight are Weight and Quantity.

We have had customers in the past that this limitation do not work for them. They wanted to prorate based on unit price to make sure they weren’t throwing too much money at the cheaper-priced items. So our team created a simple custom business rule for them. With this rule they can prorate for an additional selection with the click of a button.

  • The Vouch All box is checked by default.

Additional Tabs in Convert PO to Voucher:

  • You can add a Document Link if you need to add a copy of the invoice.
  • The Accounts tab shows the applicable AP accounts.

  • convert po to voucher accounts

  • If you have special terms from the vendor, those would be displayed in the Terms tab. This is where you would enter a terms discount.

convert po to voucher terms

Step 3: Confirm the Conversion

Once you have all of your data confirmed, hit Save.

Note: Once you convert a PO to a Voucher, you can no longer do a reverse PO receipt on it.

If you attempt to reverse a PO receipt, the system may notify you that the receipt has either been paid or partially paid. Even if you only paid for one item on that receipt, you will not be able to bring it back up in reverse PO receipts.

If you have any questions about how to convert POs to Vouchers in Prophet 21 or want to see training videos on other topics, comment below.

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