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In today’s video, we’re going to cover how to reverse a Purchase Order Receipt in Epicor’s Prophet 21.¬†

Occasionally, there will be a problem with a PO Receipt that has been placed. Whether it’s the wrong price on an item or an incorrect quantity, P21 has an efficient tool available for reversing Purchase Order Receipts when necessary.

There are three options for reversing a receipt. The two most common scenarios can be reversed in a few steps, but if there is an allocation problem, it will involve a bit more work.

Methods 1 and 2:

  • To reverse a group of items in a PO Receipt, simply check Reverse All.
  • If you are only reversing particular items in an order, check the Individual Items¬†within the order.

Note: you also have the option to Update Lead Time before you reverse the receipt.

  • If you are using Bins, Lots, or Lot/Bins you must select the location of the returned items.
  • Hit Save.

The PO will automatically reopen once saved and allows you to edit costs and re-receive items again or adjust quantities on your receipt as needed.

Method 3:

You may run into a scenario with insufficient quantity available to reverse a Purchase Order because the items have already been allocated.

To reverse a PO with this issue:

  • Open the correct Sales Order.
  • Zero out the allocation.
  • Backorder the previously allocated items.
  • Save this order.
  • Once you have unallocated the items you wish to reverse, return to the Reverse PO Receipt screen.
  • Check the Reverse button.

Note: It is important to remember that the items must be reversed from the lot that is listed on the receipt. The bin may have changed, but it still must be the same lot that you originally received against the receipt.

  • Save the PO.

From this point, the Purchase Order has been reversed and is open for whatever changes are necessary.

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