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This video training shows how to use the Notes function in Prophet 21 windows. We will review order notes and order line notes. This tutorial applies to many areas of P21 (For example, Purchase Orders).

This tutorial does not focus on customer notes and item notes. Those are set up in a different part of P21 but share a similar concept. (At some point, we will do videos on those as well.)

In this example, we will add a header note and review some additional functions that you can do with a note.

How to Add a Note to a Purchase Order:

  • Click on the Order Notes tab.
  • Hit Add Note.
  • Input a Topic.
  • Set the applicable Dates.

You can also set entry, expiration, and activation dates if they apply.

Note: Even if you do change the entry date, Prophet 21 still records what date and time the note was created.

  • Check the note as Mandatory if applicable.

If you opt to make a note mandatory, when you open an order, the note tab will automatically open first to ensure you read any attached notes.

That can get annoying as the note tab will always be the first thing to open. So just ensure you’re using the mandatory note function sparingly and only when necessary.

Note: If you select one of the print options, the note will show up on the printed document regardless if you checked ‘Mandatory’ or not.

  • Input your note content.
  • If necessary, select from the posted Available Areas and Selected Areas (displayed at the very bottom of the Notes window).

In this example, we added a note in Order Entry, so Order Entry is already set.

You can hit Select All if you wish, but keep in mind that this note will pop up each time you open the order.

The available areas will differ depending on what part of the system you are using. In this example, it is only Order Entry and Print Order Acknowledgments.

  • Save the Note.
  • You can now highlight, edit, or delete this note.

Note: When you print the Order Acknowledgments, this order note will print in the middle of the form. And if it were an item line, it would be with the item itself.

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If you have any questions about notes or want to see any other videos, put a comment below.