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In Line search (also known as smart search) is a valuable tool, especially for new users of Epicor’s Prophet 21. It works anywhere in P21 where you are able to search and allows you to quickly navigate your data.

In this video tutorial, we are going to walk you through how to run the In Line Search function in the web application of Prophet 21.

Some tips for running In Line Search:

  • The first step in running this function is to adjust your system settings so you get the most out of smart search. Note: Some of these you can change on a user preference level.
  • For this video, we will search from Order Entry, but remember, In Line Search works anywhere that you can look something up whether it’s a customer, order, item, or supplier.
  • You have several options for Default Search Method. You can search by “Contains,” “Begins With,” or “Starts With,” but “Contains” will give you the most results back from your searches and will search all bold columns.
  • The default number of records In Line Search can retrieve is 20, but you can adjust that amount for your search parameters.
  • The settings are based on the search window you’re looking at. Of course, you can always go into the normal search window as well.

Remember: You can run the In Line Search (or “Smart Search”) in any searchable window within P21. It allows you to quickly navigate and access data and is a very useful tool, particularly for new people to your environment.

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