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In this general tips video, I will walk you through how to use Keyboard Shortcuts in the web version of Epicor’s Prophet 21.

Where Are Keyboard Shortcuts in P21?

Depending on which web version of P21 you are in, the location of your Keyboard Shortcuts may be in different spots (particularly in some of the older versions).

  • In the version we currently use at Atlas, there is simply a keyboard icon (⌨) you click to access the Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • In a later version, you may click on the user icon (👤) and select Keyboard Settings, which brings up the Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • You can also hit Alt + F1 in whatever window you are in, and it will bring up the shortcuts that you have access to.

Make Note:

It is important to remember (because you are generally working in a web browser), that some of the Keyboard Shortcuts that work on the desktop do not operate exactly the same on the web because the particular shortcut is already being used.

For example, some Shortcuts may have an Alt or Ctrl added.

How to open Item Master Inquiry with Keyboard Shortcuts:

Hit F2 on your keyboard, and it will bring up Item Master Inquiry (which is one of the most common windows).

Depending on what screen you are on, when you hit Alt + F1, you will have a different set of shortcuts that do different things.

Note: Sometimes, they do not launch if you still have the keyboard shortcut open, and sometimes they do. So if it does not open up, you can always try simply closing it.

That is generally a problem on the older versions, but not so much on the newer versions.

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Put a comment down below if you have other more advanced topics you would like to see video tutorials on.