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Today’s tutorial is an overview of how to use Net Stock in Epicor’s Prophet 21. The Net Stock calculation is a vitally important part of the purchasing workflow. It also plays heavily into the two most common replenishment methods in P21, Min Max and Up To.


 How to Use Net Stock in P21:

  • Start in Item Master Inquiry.
  • Open the Purchase Stock Card.
    • Note: This is also called the calculation tab when you are looking at PORG.
  • Net Stock is the top formula and is simply the net result of adding and subtracting a variety of select transactions. Prophet 21 does a great job of breaking down the calculation and showing every single calculation that goes into the final Net Stock number.
    • Note: you may never have numbers in some of those fields for your business, and that is fine.
  • The Net Stock number carries on into other calculationsboth Min Max and Up To (which will be covered in future training tutorials).

In Summary, Net Stock is how many items you would have on hand after shipping, transferring, receiving, and production. Understanding Net Stock and how it affects Min Max and Up To is an important starting point when utilizing the purchasing functions in Prophet 21.

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