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Today, we’re going to be covering part one of two for Purchase Order Requirements/Generation (also known as PORG) in the desktop version of Prophet 21!  Unfortunately, I am not referring to the adorable little space puffins from The Last Jedi.

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PORG stands for “Purchase Order Requirements/Generation”.  This window does things such as checking items against a forecast and min/max.  You can even use PORG to create buying suggestions.  Once you know how to use it, PORG can be an incredibly helpful tool for you to use in P21.  In today’s video, we’ll go further in depth on what PORG is, how to navigate to it in P21, and the Criteria tab.

How to Navigate to Purchase Order Requirements/Generation

One of the most difficult things about PORG, when you first use it, is navigating to the window.  The first time I went to search for it in the menu, I had a nightmare finding it.  Instead of being named, “Purchase Order Requirements/Generation” or simply just, “PORG”, the name of the window is, “PO Requirements/Generation”.  It’s an incredibly easy way to get tripped up, but once you know the trick you’re good to go.

The Criteria Tab

Our biggest topic of discussion during this video is on the Criteria tab in PORG.  Compared to other windows in P21, PORG isn’t that big.  However, the tabs it does have can be extensive.  In this video, I am going to walk you step-by-step through the Criteria tab so that we can get comfortable with how big PORG is.  Then, in our next video, we’ll dive deeper into PORG and cover more tabs that will add value to your P21 experience.  If this sounds like the video for you, watch it above!

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