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Find Item is a way to search for multiple items and build a Sales Order directly from a single Prophet 21 screen.

I refer to creating an order this way as a ‘notepad.’ This function reminds me of the old-school way of having preprinted order pads to write down all the items in an order and turn it in as a ticket.

Today, I am going to talk about what I like to call the ‘notepad’ in Prophet 21 Order Entry.

As you enter the quantities of different items, they will leave the top list of filtered results and move to the bottom ‘notepad’ list.

You can do this with many different items and build a Sales Order directly from the Find Item screen.

How to open Find Item:

  • Open the Order Entry window.
  • Start with a Sales Order.
  • Double-click in a blank item spot to bring up Find Item.

Search for an Item:

  • Search for a specific Text (ex. Bolt).
  • The system will find every matching item for your Sales Location.

How to filter Find Item results:

You can filter through several different fields to sort through the items from your search.

  • You filter by item Quantity in this window.

For example: If you enter, ‘is greater than’ 0, the window will only bring up the items that are currently in stock.

  • You can also filter by Item ID as well.

How to Add Items to a Sales Order:

  • In the Quantity box, enter the number of items you wish to add to your Sales Order (ex. 10 items) and hit the tab button.
  • The system will automatically add those items to the open box down below. (This is what I mean when I say you are using your ‘notepad’ to build a Sales Order.)
  • Without leaving this screen, you can also search for additional items to add to your order.
  • Once you have finished adding all the items to the bottom screen, click OK, and the system will bring all those items back to the item lines within your Sales Order.

Find Item is a simple-to-use and efficient way of searching for items and quickly adding them to a Sales Order all in one screen. It saves time and helps give you a good overall visual of your order as you build it in Prophet 21.

Keep in mind, if you are doing this with a large number of lines, it will take a while to process the transfer of items back to your Sales Order.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to see a video tutorial on a different Prophet 21 topic, make sure you put a comment down below.

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