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How to use Quick Item Entry in Prophet 21 to enter multiple items quickly without even having to touch your mouse (which is not always simple in this system).

Step 1:

Start the order in the Items tab of the Order Entry window.

Click the lightning bolt (🗲) in the upper left-hand corner, which will open an Item ID field.

Item ID still works with the smart search system, so if you don’t know the item details, you can still search for it.

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In the Item ID box, type ‘Bolt 1’ and hit the tab button.

Enter a quantity of 10.

Important! Remember to hit Enter after inputting the quantity. If you hit tab, it will go somewhere else.

Step 2:

The new order will automatically populate in the space below.

If the order quantity is validated by the system, the colored circle to the left of the Item ID will go from yellow to green.

If you enter an item and the validation circle goes from yellow to red, you will see a little pop-up telling you it is a bad item.

Note: As you enter the items, they will go from yellow to green or yellow to red. And all you have to do is just keep entering your items.

Step 3:

When you’re done, hit the back arrow to add all those items to the order.

Note: The system only adds the real items, the failed validation items will not carry over.


Quick Order Entry is especially useful if you are very familiar with the items in your database. It is also helpful if you have a list of multiple items to enter and want to type them out.

Simply input the Item ID, hit tab, enter your Quantity, hit enter, and repeat until complete.

Hit the back arrow (🡸) to refresh the order, and if you need to make additional changes, you can.

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