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In this video, we will continue reviewing transfers, focusing on transfer shipping in Prophet 21. We will cover the fundamentals of printing a packing list and delve into the concept of under-shipping and the available options such as inventory adjustments.

How to Transfer Ship an Order in Prophet 21:

  1. Open the Transfer Shipping window.
  2. Check that all your locations are correctly pulled in. The Carrier ID should be automatically pulled over from Transfer Entry. If needed, you can also edit or change it.
  3. Add a Carrier Tracking Number if applicable.
  4. On the right side, select your Print options. The default is to print a packing list, but you can also email or fax it. The label generated is a shipment label (not an item label) if you have set them up.
  5. By default, Prophet 21 auto-allocates Bins and Lots. As you can see, it is already showing that you are shipping 20 items. If you go to the Lot/Bin tab, the system has already picked a Bin and a quantity to ship.
  6. If you want to ship the transfer as is, hit Save to finish.

How to Under Ship an Order in Prophet 21:

However, let’s say you want to ship only 15 items (under-shipping), then you have three options:

  • Leave it as is, and the remaining five will still stay on that transfer and transfer pick ticket form to be shipped in the future.
  • Change it to B (a transfer backorder), which we will discuss in a later video.
  • Under ship it, which cancels those five off of that transfer order.
  1. If you want to return those five to stock, click on the Undership tab and select return to site. If you choose not to return those five, you will have to adjust them out.
  2. Since this is a Lot/Bin tracked item, enter a reason code and explain why you are adjusting them out. These are the same reason codes as in inventory adjustment.
  3. You also need to go to Lot/Bin and change the unit quantity to 15.
  4. Then change your transaction to adjustment.
  5. Pick the same Lot, pick the same Bin, and adjust 5 out.
  6. Hit Save, and the system will ship those 15 and adjust those 5 out of inventory.

And that’s it! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

Continue Learning: This step-by-step training shows how to use the Inventory Adjustments feature within Epicor’s Prophet 21.