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In today’s video, we will talk about lost sales codes, how to create them, and where you assign them to different parts of Prophet 21.

Creating a Lost Sales Code:

  • Start by opening the Lost Sales Code Maintenance screen.
  • You can name the Lost Sales IDs whatever you want. There may be some limitations on character length, but these are codes that you name. They are not auto-generated by Prophet 21.
  • Underneath the Lost Sales ID slot is a box named Affect Usage. You cannot uncheck that box if your system settings are set to capture usage at Invoice.
    • If you have it set to capture usage at Order Entry, you could disable the checkbox. But I do recommend capturing usage at invoice as that is the most common method.

  • The next setting is the Active or Inactive Status. If it is active, you will be able to use it elsewhere. If it is inactive, you will not see it.
  • Click Save to enter that Code.

After you finish creating your codes, jump over to the Company Maintenance screen to see how the codes operate.

Lost Sales tab of Company Maintenance:

  • To work with a Lost Sales code, open up the Lost Sales tab within Company Maintenance.
  • You may notice that this window refers to those codes as Reason Codes. Remember that in Prophet 21, Reason Code and Lost Sales ID are nearly synonymous with one another.
  • This screen enables you to give detailed information about why you are canceling an order, why you are canceling quantities, and other important details.
  • In addition to Cancel Order details, there are also several other selections in this box that you can make possible opportunities. If you are using Opportunities and you want to record why you lost an opportunity, you could prompt your team to record those details.

Using Reason Codes:

  • As an example, we are going to set up Order-RMA and Order-Cancel Order in the Company Maintenance screen.

  • We will set the Posting Actions to Prompt.

  • You can set a Default Lost Sales ID if you would like to, but I do not recommend doing that because then you are not really allowing users to make that decision on why they are doing it.

  • Finally, Save the Reason Codes.

At that point, anytime somebody is doing RMA or canceling a sales order, the system will ask why they are running either of those actions.

We will discuss this feature in more detail in a later video, but we wanted to give a brief overview on how to set Lost Sales ID (aka Reason Codes) in Prophet 21.

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