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In today’s video, we are talking about the Transaction Master Inquiry screen in Prophet 21. P21 has a lot of inquiry screens, but this is one of my favorites. It gives you a good view of a lot of different open transactions at your location or a range of locations.

You can, of course, go into the main menu and do a smart search to find the window in the list. Or you can use the P21 shortcut ALT+F10.

Now sometimes depending on where you are launching it from, it will pre-populate a location ID, or it will just do the wide open range. I believe there is actually a setting to control that.

But in this example, I want to do it from one location.

You may notice that the Transaction Date goes back to what P21 thinks as the beginning of time (1990) up until today’s current date. You can change that if you are only concerned about looking at specific date ranges.

Transaction Master Inquiry Summary Tab

When you right-click and refresh this data, you will land on the Summary tab. This page gives you a quick fifty-thousand-foot view of the open orders, production orders, secondary processes, and so on.

It will also break down the amount of lines and tell you if there are any unapproved.

For me, this is a good screen to use if you have a process where only certain people can approve Purchase Orders or Sales Orders. Transaction Master Inquiry Summary will give you a quick list of how many orders need approval.

You can select hyperlinks by some of these numbers and they will take you to the connected tab.

Transaction Master Inquiry Order Tab

What this is showing you is every single open order from that date range for my location.

Of course, it’s a grid in the web version so you can filter it down to your heart’s content. You can also look at only approved or both or none.

You can also look at closed orders too. By default, it does not do that because potentially loads a lot of stuff.

Transaction Master Inquiry Shipment Tab

Shipments are your Pick Tickets. These are all your outstanding Pick Tickets that haven’t been shipped.


Purchase Orders and PO receipts are a couple of other tabs that you will likely use often. Most of these sections are pretty self-explanatory.

Overall Transaction Master Inquiry is a really good landing spot in Prophet 21. If you are somebody who is in charge of a lot of things (like a manager at a location) this is a great way to get a bird’s-eye view of everything going on in your location.

And just like everywhere else in Prophet 21, if for some reason, your location does not do service orders, you can right-click on it and close the tab so you do not have to worry about it and that will live in your closed tabs.

Again, I could spend a lot of time in Transaction Master Inquiry. I am a big fan of it. I used it all the time in my previous life. So if you guys have questions about this or anything else in peach one, put a comment down below.

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