Case Study

How BlackHawk Dealt with Quickly Changing Supplier Costs

  • Import 80k+ items from Excel
  • Validate all changes within seconds
  • Schedule an effective import date
  • Update price and many other item attributes

Batch Item Update

Blackhawk came to us with a problem of updating Supplier Costs. They needed a way to preload data to be updated at a certain date. As soon as they receive notice of an increase they upload the data and set an effective date. The prices go into effect automatically on the selected date.


Items Updated at a Time


Item Fields Updated


Items Processed Per Day

Validate & Report

Any solution would need to deal with hundreds of thousands of items at a time, log changes and have the ability to view reports.

We created a web app that allows them to not only update costs, but also update at least 40 other fields related to items. It allows them to import from a CSV, validate, review and edit data within the app and then run the import.

Our team is already making use of the future data and we are building new processes that take that into account for other aspects of our work as well.
So far, we have processed well over 50,000 items through the entire process from start to finish. We have well over 100,000 that are approved and scheduled..., which we are able to start processing and sending reports to our customers ahead of time on.