Case Study

Kitting Software for Epicor Prophet 21

  • Support for Assembly Packers and Quality Control
  • Barcode Tracking from Assembly to Production 
  • Live Weights from Integrated Scale
  • Component Report Outlines Missing Components  
Kitting software screen for Prophet 21

A client was struggling with quality control while kitting assemblies that contained hundreds of components.

We created a custom solution that ensures the quality of kitted orders from start to finish. Equipped with the app, a touch screen, and the attached scale, packers can work through production orders quickly and accurately. After an order is packed, the quality control team pulls orders by delivery priority and scans each item on the order before it is shipped. When all items are scanned, the quality control screen turns green. The order is complete. ✅

Packing Speed Increase
Measurable Success
A marked improvement in packing speed, with growing returns.

Packer Interface

No more paper production orders! The packer screen walks users through each line of the production order, including sub-assemblies and straight-picks. The app integrates with a scale at the packer station for complete order precision. Packers assemble the kit on the scale and cannot move on until the kit meets the allowed weight tolerances.

Quality Control

The quality control dashboard displays orders by status. The dashboard is organized from left to right, with past-due orders showing in red. After choosing an order from the list, the user quickly scans each kit. Incomplete or inaccurate orders are sent back to the packer. The internal audit trail includes all notes and status changes.

Custom Printables

Kit labels are automatically printed and include the customer’s part number bar code and a quality control bar code which uniquely identifies order number, line and qty (ie: 2 of 3).

Packers can print a report that guides them to the warehouse location of needed components that are missing from their station.

The client has rolled out the software to all of their packing stations and packers.

They are able to easily see the error rate on orders and lines. They are still adding new features to improve the process, but have already seen about a 35% increase in packing speed. It helped so much, that they were able to save a large at-risk contract.

We had a huge contract on the line, that was at risk due to quality control concerns. Thanks to this software, we were able to keep the contract and feel confident taking on more large jobs. We pack more efficiently, with less errors than ever!

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