Case Study

Magento Prophet 21 Integration for B2B and B2C eCommerce

  • Customer, Order, Inventory, Pricing Integrations
  • Custom pricing in Magento from P21 Price Pages 
  • Full P21 order history available in storefront 
  • Configurable table columns and filters on category pages  

Birmingham Fastener needed a Magento Prophet 21 integration that would serve their B2B and B2C customers.

Orders, customers, pricing and inventory needed to be integrated between Magento and Epicor P21. We had some unique requirements; customers needed access to their full order history in Magento. Prices in Magento needed to match P21 price pages. Categories needed to be customized beyond Magento’s default capabilities.

Magento and Epicor Prophet 21

Birmingham Fastener approached us to help with a Magento / Adobe Open Source build that had hit some roadblocks. They were having trouble finalizing some of the details on their Magento Prophet 21 integration. Our team includes both Magento and P21 specialists, so we were able to sit down and formulate a plan to get this site ready for UAT within 3 months.


Products For Sale




Custom Price Calculations
Pricing Manager in Magento integrated with Prophet 21

P21 Pricing in Magento

P21 has complex price rules that can be set per customer and are difficult to emulate. We created a solution that allows each customer in Magento to have pricing that matches P21. Pricing is automatically updated on a schedule and can be run manually after a large price update.

P21 Order History in Magento

Customers needed to be able to view their full Prophet 21 order history from Magento. We built a custom integration that allows users to see historical order data from P21 within their Magento account.

Prohpet 21 order history in magento
Configurable category table columns and uom in Magento Prophet 21 integration

Front-End Configuration

The client sells a range of products that require different types of attributes to be featured, depending on the product category. Units of measure can vary by product. This was outside the scope of default Magento behavior. We created a customization that gives fine-tuned control over table columns by category and UoM by product.

Integration Client Portal

This integration, along with many others, runs on our IntegrationOps platform. Each connection point can be controlled separately. They can each be enabled or disabled and scheduled to run at different times. All integrations are monitored with email alerts if an error occurs.

Screenshot showing controls for different data points in Magento Prophet 21 integration

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