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In today’s Mass Update video, learn how to use columns to run a Mass Update in Prophet 21 using the basic screen method.

Example Scenario:

Someone brought it to my attention that we have some WASHER items in our system set to the BOLT Price Family. When I ran my query, I found three items that had WASHER in the description. And when I looked at the Price Family, I saw they were listed in the BULK Family. (These are obviously washers.)

Choosing a Mass Update method:

When doing more complicated Mass Updates, the Excel query method is the best option, but the basic Mass Update screen is great for making simple changes like this. Or if you created a new price family or product group and you want to do bulk changes, this is the way to do it.

Keep in mind, on both the basic and Excel query side, there is a limit of ten thousand records that you can update as of this recording. Also, remember that it can be slow to do this basic update depending on how many records you are working with.

Editing Column Settings for a Mass Update:

To make the bulk update, start by searching for Price Family in the Columns to Update section. In Mass Update, the columns use in-line search (aka smart search) to narrow down the results for you.

Select the Price Family ID option, and input Washer in the Value to Set box. At this point, you can run the preview just to see what the changes would look like, but it will change the word from Bolt to Washer once you process the changes.

Finally, when you hit Send Changes, it will set all the price families in the query from Bolt to Washer. Prophet 21 will also remind you that this is an irreversible action, so make sure everything looks right before you confirm the edits.


When you reopen the screen, you can see that all the changes were processed. So now if you attempt to run the same query, and hit preview, you should get back zero results. And that is how you use columns to run a simple mass update for multiple listings in Prophet 21.

If you have questions about other Mass Update topics, make sure you comment down below.

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