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In today’s video, we are continuing our Mass Update series and covering how to set basic filter criteria for queries in Prophet 21. We will also show you how to save and download a query template to share with other users.

Open Mass Update in Prophet 21:

Starting in Item Maintenance, click on the Mass Update button, and launch the Mass Update – Item Maintenance window. Now by default, the query will open blank with no data uploaded.

The only filter that comes in by default is automatically set to only look at non-deleted items. Because nothing is ever hard deleted, it would be a soft delete flag. This way, you do not have to deal with deleted items in your system.

How to set filters in a Mass Update Query:

When you click on the Column option in Filter Criteria, you have a lot of options to choose from. As you scroll through the selections, the system will highlight query options (i.e. GENERAL, ACCESSORY ITEMS, etc…).

Before you enter any additional filter criterion, you will only see the general tab at the bottom. In the video, I do a straightforward search to look up a single item. I ran the query by Item ID and left it the Operator as Contains.

Running the Mass Update Query:

After you select all the criteria you want to filter by, you can run a preview and P21 will go out, run that query, and bring all the matching items back. This allows you to preview all the information before you process any updates.

In my example, I ran it for one item, so I only got one line for the query. Now if this was a much more complicated query that you know you want to run again later, you should save those settings as a query template. And that is the next thing I want to cover.

How to save and export a Mass Update Query Template:

When you have your criteria selected that you will want to reuse, hit the Save button on the left side of the screen, and name the template. Once you save the named query template, every time you come back into the Mass Update screen, it will be listed to rerun. When you click on the template, Prophet 21 will pre-filter the data for that query template.

Now if you had a complicated query template in Mass Update, but wanted somebody else to be able to use it, you could download it to share with other users. Click the Download button to save the file.

If you have a pre-saved Mass Update template, when you upload it, Prophet 21 will open it exactly how it was saved, but you can also edit and rename the query template if you need to.

Conclusion on Prophet 21 Mass Update Query Templates:

So that is the basics of the filtering. We will get into some more complicated stuff with Prophet 21 Mass Updates in future videos within this series, but I wanted to break them up into more manageable chunks. If you guys have questions for Mass Updates, put them down below.

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