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Today we are going to talk about moving items in your warehouse using Bin Adjustment in Epicor Prophet 21.  Bin adjustments, and a similar screen called Bin Inventory Movement are a quick and effective means of moving inventory from bin to bin in your warehouse.

This does require that you have the item set up to track bins in the warehouse location that you want to make the move in.  Another key point to remember is that you can not create or delete inventory with these screens.  If you move 10 units out of a bin, those 10 units must all be moved into one or more bins.

Bin Adjustment

Bin Adjustment can be found on the Prophet 21 main menu in the Prophet 21 Inventory module.  Both bin adjustments and Bin Inventory Movement are located in the Transaction menu.

When you open the Bin Adjustment window, there are not many fields to deal with.  Simply enter the Location ID and the Item ID, P21 will then switch to the Bin (or Lot/Bin) tab.

prophet 21 bin movement

On the Bins tab, you can make the desired adjustments by pressing Enter until you get a new line.  Then input the bin you are moving the inventory to, and the quantity being moved.  Be sure that the total quantity on hand at both the top and bottom of the window are matched.  This is your checkpoint to make sure that the transaction is balanced and can be saved.  Then click save, and the inventory gets moved in Prophet 21 as per your instructions.

prophet 21 bin adjust

Prophet 21 Bin Inventory Movement

The Bin Inventory Movement window is very similar to Bin Adjustment.  The primary difference is that you have the ability to specify the bin and quantity to move on a single line.  You can also simply check the Move Full Qty checkbox to speed up the process.

prophet 21 bin movement window


Hopefully this helps you get a leg up on efficiently moving inventory from bin to bin in Prophet 21.

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