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This video tutorial shows how to link a backordered item to an open line on a purchase order. Linking Backorders in Prophet 21 is a useful tool if you need to circumvent the auto-allocation feature which sorts from oldest to newest when allocating items.

Sample Tutorial:

Step 1:

Open the Purchase Order for “Bob Jones” and click on the Backorders tab.

Note: If you have multiple items in the order, make sure you select the item that you want to link with backorders.

Step 2:

In the Backorders tab, two buyers have open backorders, and we have 1,000 items available. Even though Bob Smith’s order is next in line, I need to allocate the items to Bob Jones right now. And I want to get him at least the 750 items he ordered. (Bob Smith is getting the short end of the stick here.)

Input a quantity of 750 for Bob Jones’s order and Save.

Note: The linked backorders can only be removed from Purchase Order Entry. So if the person working on your Purchase Order Receipts does not have access to Purchase Order Entry, they will be unable to work around that process.

Step 3:

Open the Purchase Order in the PO Receipt.

Select Receive All.

Note: Selecting Allocate Manually will walk you through how the system manages linked backorders.

Input Bin and Lot Quantity in the correct slots.

Step 4:

When you hit Save, the allocation window will pop up.

Notice you now have one remaining order you can link to (Bob Smith’s order) and he can only get 250 of the available 1,000 items because I’ve already linked 750 to Bob Jones’s sales order.

Note: The receiver has no idea that those quantities have already been allocated to another order.

Step 5:

Now when I hit Allocate All, the function will allocate the remaining 250 available items to Bob Smith’s order.

Save the changes and Exit.

Keep learning: What is a Transfer Backorder in P21? And why is it different from a backorder on a Sales Order?

If you have questions about this tutorial, or have a topic you’d like to see a video tutorial on, put a comment down below.