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Today’s post is a quick tutorial on how to save your user configurations in search windows within Prophet 21. The great thing about setting user configurations is that you can cater these to your own preferences.


  • Start in the order number lookup screen.
  • Right-click and select/deselect your priority items. Pick whichever ones work for you and click ok.
  • You can also drag and drop the column headers to customize your search results view.
  • To save, simply right-click and hit save user configuration.

There are several additional things you can do with this feature to customize it for your job’s processes.

  • You can save default filters within the search window that apply every time you process a search. This feature is very useful for working with PO receipts and ensuring that you’re only focusing on a particular sector.

Note: There is a little bit of a bug here. It shows as filtered, but it doesn’t show the location until you click on it. However, any search will still only filter out for the set location.

  • You can also drag and move around the column headers to break down your search results into different configurations.

Once you have set your desired parameters, hit save user configuration, and every time you run another search, that filter will be saved.

If you mess up and want to start over, simply right-click in the window, hit clear user configuration, and exit the window. When you return to the page, all the settings you customized will be cleared. It will be the same window as before you started editing.

Remember–these customizations will only apply to your settings and do not affect other users. So just get in there and play around with it!

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