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Today’s video is a quick tutorial on how to create a new year in your Prophet 21 database.

Understanding how to work this setting is obviously important when you’re going into a new year. But you may find yourself like me (doing some testing and video recording) in a play database that does not have the current year set up.

So the first thing you’re going to do is go to fiscal year maintenance.

Change your entry method to copy from previous year (this just makes it easier to set your beginning and ending dates and it just carries it straight over).

Input the new year.

The system will ask what year you want to copy from. I’m going to copy it off from the previous year, and it automatically pre-populates all of the dates that are required for our periods.

Press Save.

The next step (especially when you’re talking about inventory and related processes) is to set up a new demand year maintenance.

Open demand year maintenance and input your new calendar year.

Change the setting to copy from previous year and input last year.

Now you have both your fiscal year and your demand year set up in your live system (or your play system like I’m doing here).

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