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In this video we’re going to quickly cover how to run demand year maintenance.

How to tell if Demand Year Maintenance has not been run:

First, you need to open your Item Master Inquiry screen in P21 and view the Purchase Stock Card. From this screen, there are a few telltale signs to look for that Demand Year Maintenance has not been run this period.

  • If you know an item has been selling, but your daily usage or your period usage is showing as zero.
  • If you go to the actual usage tab itself and the forecast usage is zero.
  • If you run inventory ranking and the rank value shows zeros.

Tip: the dead giveaway is your forecast usage is set to zero.

How to run Demand Year Maintenance:

Tip: I recommend (depending on the amount of items and number of locations) that you have not to do this in the middle of the work day.

  • Input the current year. You generally want to have all three of boxes on the right checked.
  • Set forecast accuracy. The standard setting here is generally 0.7. I don’t recommend doing the reclassification and ranking here.
  • Hit the check box to update the forecast for the month you are in. I recommend only running the standard inventory ranking classification.
  • Press Save.

Note: Depending on your amount of data this could take a little while to run. We have found running Demand Year Maintenance in our system once a month to be ideal.

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