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In today’s video, we will talk about grid filtering in the web version of Prophet 21. It is a handy tool with several different options for filtering data.

Everywhere you see grids in Prophet 21, you will notice a header with three vertical dots () next to it. Those are filters.

We will discuss two different types of filter grids in Prophet 21 and several tips for each.

Editing a Grid in Prophet 21:

There is a setting in user maintenance that allows users to drag and drop their fields. That way, how you view a grid becomes a little more unique to the user.

So if certain data is more important to you, you can move it over to the left. Keep in mind that if an admin does a Dynachange to edit a grid, it will revert to whatever they set it to. You will have to go back and update it for your preferences.

Filtering a Grid from Transaction Master Inquiry:

The first way to filter a grid is through Transaction Master Inquiry.

Each header has several different filter options. If you want to look at every open order for a customer, click on the three dots to open the filtering options and select Contains. Type the name of the customer and hit Filter

When you filter the data, Prophet 21 will pull out everything you are shipping directly to that customer.

If you export this data into a grid, P21 remembers the filter and only pulls the entries you filtered.

Filtering a Grid from Item Master Inquiry:

In addition to Transaction Master Inquiry, there is a second kind of filter grid in Item Master Inquiry.

Start by opening Item Master Inquiry and double-click on the Item ID field.

This opens the Find Item screen with a grid.

Find Item displays a similar grid to what Transaction Master Inquiry shows, with the dots (⋮) to filter. However, it also automatically gives you a field to search. This allows you to do a general search of all the bolded columns. You can filter by different units of measure as well.


By default, the filter under Available is set to Contains. Depending on what field you are filtering, you may have multiple different options to filter by.

Conclusion on Grid Filtering in Prophet 21:

Filtering grids is an extremely useful tool in Prophet 21. In fact, in certain parts of the system, they are similar to reports. You can filter them down, dump some data into Excel, and send it to a customer.

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