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In today’s video, we will discuss how to use Class Maintenance in Prophet 21. We will also show how to set classes, where to choose them, and their main purpose in Prophet 21.

How to Create a Class in P21:

    • Start by opening Class Maintenance.

    • Input a Class ID.
      • In many other windows, P21 automatically generates the ID (such as Order, Customer, or Vendor ID). In Class Maintenance, however, you must manually create a Class ID.
      • When creating a Class ID, I recommend naming it something applicable to the item, although it does not show up in the drop-down.
      • The Class Description is what will show in the drop-down.

    • Input a Class Type.
      • You may choose from various Class Types to sort your Item, including Address, BOL, Contact, Customer, Inventory, Master Product Category, Order Entry, Purchase, and Vendor.

    • Input the Class Number.
      • Class Maintenance is only for Classes labeled one through five. (The other Classes are handled in other parts of P21.)

    • Input the Class Description.
      • Remember, whatever you put in the Description is what shows in the drop-down. The system sorts alphanumerically, and based on the Description. The Class ID is unimportant here as only the Class Description will be displayed.

    • Example: In the Class Maintenance form, I name the Class ID Item2-1. I choose Inventory as my Class Type and input 2 as my Class Number. I name my Class Description Class2-1 (if you click the drop-down, you can see this description). Remember, the classes are labeled one through five, so this example will be organized for Class Two under Inventory.

    • Note: Inventory has an extra checkbox enabled called Available for Cycle Counting.
      • Because there is a way to manually run cycle counts, and one of the factors is Classes, if you want to be able to cycle count by Class, I recommend you check that box.

    • Hit Save.

In Summary:

You can use Classes for grouping items and for reporting purposes. When it comes to inventory, you can also use them for creating your cycle counts. You can find many Classes on the Classes tab in Item Maintenance.

If you guys have any more questions about Classes or want to see some videos on some other stuff, make sure you put a comment down below.

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