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Many Prophet 21 users struggle with how to use Quick Search (or smart search) to find a quote for a particular customer in their system.

Example: You are looking for Quote No. 1000193 for a customer named Bob Jones.

When you attempt to use Quick Search to look for Bob Jones in order entry, you notice that the search finds several orders, but none of them are the No. 193 you are looking for.

The list of orders stops at No. 191.

How to Use ‘Smart Search’ to Find a Quote by Customer Name:

Continuing on the example above, hit clear and then check the quote box first.

If you are looking up a quote, you must check the quote box first.

Now when you type in the customer name (i.e. Bob Jones), the only thing that comes back is the quote you were looking for.

And it’s as simple as that!

This is only part of a series of video tutorials on working with Quotes in Order Entry. This article teaches you two methods on how to convert a Quote to a Sales Order.

Comment down below with any other Prophet 21 video tutorials you would like to see.