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This tutorial is an overview of the two methods for converting a quote into a sales order in Epicor’s Prophet 21.

How to Convert a Quote to a Sales Order in P21:

There are two options for converting a Quote to a Sales Order. You can utilize either the Right-Click + Convert To Order method or the Quote-To-Order (QTO) Wizard.

The first method we will focus on is Right-Click + Convert To Order.

How to use the Right-Click + Convert To Order method:

    • With a Quote open, right-click in the open space of the window and select Convert to Order from the options presented.

    • The system will automatically give you a warning that this function is permanent and cannot be undone.

While this warning is technically true, it is also technically…not true.

For example, you may select Yes and clear the warning here. Afterward, you can still hit clear and not save the order. When you reopen it later, it would still be a quote.

So in reality, you do have one last chance to save the quote before you kill it.

    • After you convert an order to a quote with this method, you will be able to see the Source as a Quote and see the ID of that Quote. (Which in this case happens to be the exact same ID as the Order Number because you just converted it.)
      • This feature is useful when you need to ensure that no matter what piece of paperwork your customer has (whether a copy of the quote or the Order Number), they all relate to each other.

    • Remember, once you Save the order, the conversion is permanent.

When Right-Click + Convert does not work:

Now, in some instances, you may open a quote, attempt to use the ‘Right-Click + Convert’ method, and notice that the Convert to Order options is grayed out.

There are some things that will not allow you to use the right-click Convert to Order. (For instance, if a particular item in the quote is being pulled from a contract.)

You will not be able to use the ‘Right-Click + Convert’ method with any quote that has a contract on it.

In that case, you must use the Quote-To-Order Wizard (QTO Wizard).

What is the Quote-To-Order Wizard in Prophet 21?

The Quote-To-Order Wizard (aka the QTO Wizard) is a much more powerful system with some different functionalities from the ‘Right-Click + Convert’ method.

    • It allows you to change Customer IDs.

    • It allows you to recalculate Pricing.

    • It allows you to copy the quote with a variety of Options.

    • It allows you to kill a quote permanently. (Just as you can with the Right-Click method)Check Quote Complete and hit Finish to kill the quote.

How to convert a quote with the QTO (Quote-To-Order) Wizard:

    • Fill in the desired Quote details.

    • Hit Next to view the following screen, which shows the list of items and their quantities. This screen also enables you to convert only a portion of quoted items if necessary.

    • The next screen shows the Ship To information.

    • Select Finish.
      • Note: Unlike the previous method, which shows Quote as the source with matching Sales and Quote Numbers, when this one comes back, it shows a completely different Order Number.
      • For example, you have Order No. 195, which came from Quote No. 194. If you save the order here, you can pull No. 194 back up, and it will still exist as a quote that you can use again.

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