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The Pricing Service tool for Epicor Prophet 21 is a very powerful tool for managing your item-related data.  If you are not using it to keep your supplier pricing and item data cleaned up and in good working order, well…you should be. Learning to use Pricing Service effectively can save a lot of effort and cost associated with manual data entry and custom programming. Below are 5 ideas for things you can do with Pricing Service to make life better.

Supplier Pricing

Most of the fields associated with supplier pricing are accessible from Pricing service.  You can update supplier part numbers, list prices, costs, contract numbers, and other vital supplier-level data. Additionally, depending on the options selected, this can apply to individual, multiple, or all locations.

Item Descriptions

Pricing Service allows you to update the description and/or extended description of items.  This is very useful when you need to make a lot of edits, and can be much quicker than trying to use a fast edit window.

Inventory/Replenishment Settings

Need to change a bunch of stocking parameters quickly?  Pricing Service is again your friend.  Many of the replenishment level settings are available to you for making these changes, including, but not limited to:

Item ID Changes

Another cool trick with Pricing Service is for mass Item ID edits.  There is a field in the list called ‘Proposed Item ID’ that makes these changes very easy.  Use this to make your life easy and keep your item IDs clean and simple.

Substitute and Interchangeable Items

Finally, Pricing Service can also be used to create substitute and interchangeable items.  Sub-items are very useful when you have items that can be used in place of another to meet a customer’s requirement. Interchangeable items can be automatically added to an order when you are short on stock of the main item.

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