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In this video, we’ll do a quick explanation of how to Validate Open Orders in Prophet 21, which is basically releasing credit holds.

How to Validate Open Orders in Prophet 21:

Start by opening the Validate Open Orders window.

  • If you have multiple companies, you will select which company you are doing this for. Most people only have one company in their Prophet 21.
  • If you look it up by the actual customer number, the default start date goes all the way back to 1990 (i.e. the beginning of time) to find every order that is currently on hold.
  • However, if you only wanted to look at the most current orders, you could change the date to something like the start of the current month you are in.
  • All the open orders are displayed at the bottom with their Open Values.

Two Options for Validating Open Orders:

There are two options for validating open orders in this window.

First, you can release individual orders by setting the validation status per order.

You also have several other options besides Hold in the Validation Status dropdown:

  • You can change the order to Approved, which allows you to print a pick ticket for it.
  • You can also change it to COD if your company uses COD as an acceptable payment method.

The other option is to validate a group of orders.

This option is ideal if you have multiple orders from a customer and you know ahead of time that they will be on hold.

  • You can simply come to the Validation All dropdown in the upper menu, select Approve All, and hit Save.
  • Note: If you click Approve All by accident, you can always come back in and select Reset All. Resetting puts all of the orders back on hold.

Important Notes on Approving Validations:

  • When an order is on hold, it may not have inventory allocated to it.
    • So when you save a validation request, the system will ask if you want to allocate items with the disposition of hold if the items are set to hold.
    • This is in relation to the item disposition, not the header disposition.
    • You will likely want to click yes to allocate anything you can to these orders to ship them.
    • If you say no and the lines have a disposition of hold, they will not allocate.
  • Also, since the order is from before today’s date, you must recalculate the promise date. The orders you override are much older, so the original promise date will no longer be valid.


After approving the validation and updating your promise date, you will get a pop-up notification that the save was successful.

If you open the same customer number again, you will see a pop-up that there are no order entry records available to override.

Validating Open Orders is a pretty self-explanatory process, but we thought it would help to walk you through it in case you had some questions.

If you do have questions about this or want to see videos on anything else, put a comment down below.

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