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In today’s video, we are going to give a quick overview of the basics of doing an RMA receipt (a return receipt) in Prophet 21.

How to enter an RMA Return Receipt in Prophet 21:

  • Start by opening a new RMA receipt window.
  • Pick the Source Location ID where the inventory is returning to.
  • Enter the RMA NumberYour customer should have a copy of their RMA acknowledgment which lists the RMA Number.

RMA Receipts Prophet 21

Default RMA Return Receipt Settings:

There are several default settings in RMA Receipts.

By default, the Confirm box is auto-checked. Because that is checked, if you don’t edit anything else and simply hit save, P21 will post the RMA receipt.

Prophet 21 also sets a default quantity of one item and returns it to Stock. If you are returning it to stock, the only other thing you need to do is go to the Lot/Bin tab.

Lot Bins RMA Receipts Prophet 21

Enter the correct lot, the bin where the return will go, and how many items are going into that bin.

How to adjust inventory for an RMA Receipt:

However, if you are not retaking the return, you will clear the Quantity to Stock to zero. When you do that, the Quantity To Adjust and the Quantity To Supplier automatically open up. In theory, if you had received multiples, you could return them to different places.

When you enter a value in Quantity to Adjust, it immediately takes you to the Adjustment tab where you can enter a Reason for adjustment.

Inventory Adjustment RMA Receipts Prophet 21

When you post this, it will give the customer back credit, and then post an inventory adjustment to take that item right back out of inventory.

You will still need to go to Lot/Bin on here as well and enter it in the To Adjust quantity.

How to return to a Supplier from an RMA Receipt:

If you are processing an RMA Receipt and the items are going back to the Supplier, enter the number of items in Quantity to Supplier.

The Inventory Return tab will pop open. It will default to the primary supplier for that item, for that location. If you need to return to another supplier, you can also change the supplier.

Inventory Return RMA Receipts Prophet 21

If you know the purchase order cost, you can enter that information.

Note: I do recommend some permissions-based DynaChanges on these if you do not want everybody to have access to them.

You do not need to mark the receipt complete. Complete will mark automatically once you save and confirm this as the full quantity returned.

Now if, for some reason, they said they were going to return ten items, but only returned eight, you could enter the eight and mark it as complete. Prophet 21 will cancel those last two on that RMA.

Click Save.

That will create an invoice for that RMA so the customer now has a credit on their account. That is the basics of doing an RMA receipt.

Continue Learning: In this video, we discuss how to enter an RMA Return in the Order Entry screen of Prophet 21.

If you have any questions about RMA Receipts or entries in Prophet 21, put a comment down below.