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RMA Entry

Today’s post is all about RMA Entry in Prophet 21!  If you are new to P21, or you’ve never done an RMA before, it can be confusing to understand.  In today’s video, we are going to do a complete rundown on the process!  Also, if you missed out on our last three posts, you’ll notice that P21 looks different.  That is because we are filming all of our videos in the P21 Web Client from now on!  After you finish this video, make sure you go to this link (here) to take a look at all of our Web Client related content!

What Is An RMA?

First, I want to discuss with you what an RMA is.  RMA stands for Return Material Authorization.  Through P21, we use RMA Entry to accept material back into our warehouse.  Often, you’ll use RMAs accept customer returns.  It’s no different than you make a return to Amazon or your local Walmart!

RMA Entry Info Graphic

Topics Covered

As mentioned earlier, RMA Entry can be incredibly difficult to wrap your head around.  What window do you use to enter an RMA?  What fields are required to enter an RMA?  How do you charge a Restocking Fee or credit freight?  These are all questions (and more) that we answer in this video!  Check it out about to learn all about RMA Entry!

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