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In today’s video, we will be talking about posting and deleting cycle count batches in Prophet 21. This is one of our last topics on inventory cycle counts.

How to post Cycle Count batches in Prophet 21:

Check the box, and enter the count.

Now, you will notice it takes me straight to the items. It pulls all of our discrepancies up to the top. If I wanted to adjust some of those counts, I could do that.

At this point, if you are happy with your counts, go to adjustment and enter your reason code if it is changed, or if you need to set a different one.

Check it as approved and hit save. That has now gone out there and updated the date last counted and your on-hand count.

How to delete Cycle Count batches in Prophet 21:

The only reasons you would ever want to delete a batch are because it was created by error, or it is so old that you can’t trust those counts anymore.

Go to the adjustment tab, check the delete box, and save it.

Posting a Cycle Count batch with no discrepancies:

A common mistake that a lot of people make is creating a count and then deleting it since there are no discrepancies.

You always want to post a batch even if the counts are one hundred percent accurate. This is because the date last counted ties into your cycle counting. If you just delete that batch, Prophet 21 does not record it as being counted.

If you post a batch that has no discrepancies, P21 will automatically give you a pop-up. It is going to say, hey, there were no adjustments. Would you like to update the date last counted? The answer is always yes.

Remember: If you are posting a batch, you always want to update the date last counted.

If this is a mistake batch or if this is an old batch, then you want to delete it. You need those dates to be updated for your cycle counts to work as properly as they can.

If you have any more questions on cycle counts, put a comment down below.

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