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In today’s video, we are going to continue talking about cycle counts in Prophet 21 and how to enter physical counts.

Physical Counts: Criteria

Start at the Physical Count screen.

Check the Use Cycle Count box.

Enter your Cycle Count Number.

Select a Sort Order. Before you hit retrieve, this is the only major decision most people have to make. This sets the grouping on the next screen to make adjustments and you generally want it to match how you printed your document. I usually select Group By Item. Vendor Items is the other option, but it isn’t used as much.

Click Retrieve. You only have to click Retrieve the first time you enter an account. If you come back to enter in some second counts, you do not need to retrieve them again.

Physical Counts: Item Tab

After you retrieve your counts, you will go to the Item tab on the Physical Counts screen.

Select an item and enter the actual count for the item.

If you found less than the previously entered amount, you will see an asterisk pop up in the discrepancy column. When you come back in, all the discrepancies will be displayed at the top.

Physical Counts: Lot/Bin Tab

Now if this was not a Lot item or a Lot/Bin tracked item, you could save this batch and print the Physical vs. On Hand. But if it is Lot/Bin-tracked in your system, you need to go to the Lot/Bin tab, pull up the lot, and enter the discrepancy.

Remember, you are not putting in how much of that lot you have, you are putting in the discrepancy for it. So if you had found 25, the discrepancy would be +25. If you are missing 25, you will put -25. Make sure whatever your total SKU to post does match the SKU that is posted.

Note: There is a setting where you can allow both positives and negatives in the same batch. I recommend doing that if you are doing lot tracking, it makes it a lot easier to manage.

Saving a Physical Count:

Now to save this, go to the adjustment tab, and pick a reason. Do not save this as approved if you are going to do a recount because once you save this as approved, it gets posted. There is no recounting, and you can’t print a Physical vs. On Hand report.

I’ll explain in my next video what the Physical versus On-Hand report is.

Uncheck the approved box and hit Save.

Stay tuned for some other videos on cycle counts. If you have questions on this or any other topic, put a comment down below.

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