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In today’s video, we are talking about the Drill Downs feature in Prophet 21.

If you scroll through and look at different folders in Prophet 21, you will see Drill Down repeatedly. I searched Drill Down and you can see how many different Drill Downs there are.

Prophet 21 Drill Down Search

This training focuses on Inventory Drill Down and covers several general features of Drill Downs in Prophet 21. Inventory Drill Down by Item also helps keep you out of Item Master Inquiry, which can be slow depending on what is running in your system.

How to Use Inventory Drill Down:

To start with, select a Location ID. If you have multiple companies, you can pick a particular company or a range of companies.

After entering the Location, pull up a single Item by Item ID.

When the item opens, the front page displays some very basic information about that item. The grid includes Quantity on Hand, Quantity Allocated, etc.

What is a Drill Down?

In that grid, you may notice that some of the titles have an external link icon () and some do not.

Prophet 21 Drill Down Icons

That icon is known as a Drill Down.

Remember, the window itself is called a Drill Down. However, if you see the external link icon in any Prophet 21 window, it is a Drill Down.

What does Drill Down tell you?

When you click on the Drill Down icon, it takes you to a page with additional information.

  • It is displayed in a nice grid that you can export into an Excel document if you want to.
  • If you have lines and lines of information each of these columns does have a filter.
  • The information Drill Down shows is almost always intuitive:

For Quantity on Hand: It shows you where the quantity on hand comes from. It shows you all the math that is going into it and how you got there.

For Quantity Allocated: The Drill Down tells you where your quantities of allocation come from.

Allocation takes you to Allocation.

Open POs take you to Open POs.

And again, this applies anywhere you see that icon.

How to Use Find Item in Inventory Drill Down:

There is one thing I want to discuss in Inventory Drill Down that I like personally and that I used a lot as an end user in Prophet 21.

  • Instead of pulling up the item by Item ID, go into the Find Item window.

Inventory Drill Downs Find Item

  • Change the Related Popup selection to Item Extended.

This selection gives a lot of information about that item that is not displayed on the original landing page.

  • It tells you if it is a stockable item or if there is a short code for it, the quantity available, or the product group.
  • All this different information is in here, filterable, searchable.
  • The other nice thing is you do not only have to look at a single item.

      If you search for a more general term (i.e. Bolt), the system returns all of the items that contain that term, whether in the Item Description or item ID.

      This is a way to use Inventory Drill Down by Item but get more information than just that one item.

      Notes on using Find Item:

      • The downside is there is no Drill Down from this screen. But you can use this to get just more information about the item.
      • You can also Dynachange the screen to add different columns, rearrange them, and then save them the way you want.
      • And just like any of the other screens, which I have covered before, you can drag and drop columns up here to group items by location or product groups or whatever you want to do.

          If you have comments or questions about Drill Downs in general or anything else, put them below in the comment section.

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