Case Study

Label Backordered Items in P21 Wireless Warehouse

  • Enter Bin ID on deposit screen
  • Scan for linked backorder lines
  • Automaticaly print related info
  • Print a label to default WWMS printer

The solution was developed using a combination of Business Rules and a custom Crystal Report, formatted to label size.  

In this solution, the user does not have to remember to do anything special, as the rule determines whether a label is needed.  If a label prints, the user is notified that the labels are printed. 

Recently, a customer came to us with a very interesting issue. They wanted to use Wireless Purchase Order and Transfer receipts in Epicor Prophet 21, but they needed a way to positively identify when an item that was linked to a backorder had been received. This would allow the person receiving the product to see which items needed to be set aside for shipping and what the quantity to pull for the backorder was. 

We worked with the customer to develop a solution that would automatically print a label to the user’s default WWMS printer as soon as they entered the Bin ID on the deposit screen.  The business rule would scan the system for linked backorder lines, and if any were found, a label would automatically print out all the necessary information for the order. 

Atlas loves helping our clients get more from their ERP investment.  This was a great project that really pushed the technology frontier forward for the customer, and we are proud to have been a part of it! 

We were very excited to get this implemented for the customer, and the early feedback indicates that this is going to be a huge productivity boost for them!