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Comparing the P21 Web Client 18.2 to 18.1

Recently, Epicor has released the P21 Web Client 18.2.  This release has brought along many changes that alter what we covered in our original three videos from earlier this year.  In this post, we are going to compare the newest version of the web client to the one previously.  If you’re interested in checking out our original videos, you can find them linked at the bottom of this post.

Wireless Warehouse Added to The Web Client

One of the biggest additions to the Web Client is that Wireless Warehouse is now available!  This opens many opportunities for businesses, as the Web Client can be easily used from a mobile device (such as a tablet or smartphone).  Wireless Warehouse formats great on a smartphone and is easy to use.  Having Wireless Warehouse added to the Web Client is a powerful addition that we will likely see great things come from.  Below is an image of Inventory Adjustments in a PC browser.

p21 web client 18.2 inventory adjustments


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Our Original Video on The Web Client

P21 Web Client 18.2 First Look

Our First Look At The P21 Web Client


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