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Today’s video is the first installation of our P21 Mass Update tutorial series. In this video, we will show how to set role permissions and limit individual user permissions for Mass Updates in Epicor’s Prophet 21.

Note: We will start in the User Maintenance screen as it shows all the details you need on one screen.

How to Set Role Permissions in Prophet 21:

To do role permissions, first of all, a user must have their Designer Rights set to ADMIN. If they are set to admin, you will have the Mass Update Permissions button visible in the Services header. If you turn it to something like NONE or USER, you will no longer have access to the Mass Updates Permission button.

Most users will only see the standard Mass Update button, but Mass Update Permissions takes you to a specific screen in Prophet 21. If there are particular offices or departments you do not want to have access to Mass Updates, you can disable their permissions. That way, when anyone in those roles comes to this screen, they will not see the standard Mass Update button either.

How to Limit User Permissions in Prophet 21:

In addition to role permissions, you can also limit an individual user from all Mass Update windows. Even if a user has an ADMIN or ALL role, sometimes they may still not be authorized to do Mass Updates.

1. Come to the Application Security tab under their user account.

2. Partway down the page, you will see the Allow Mass Update within a Window security setting.

3. If you change this to No and save it, when they come into User Maintenance, they won’t see the Mass Update button. And that is the easiest way to control the permissions for who can access Mass Updates.

Stay tuned for some more Mass Update videos. I’m going to do a whole series of them. If you guys have questions about Mass Updates or anything else, comment down below.

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