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In today’s Prophet 21 training video, we’re continuing our series on Mass Updates, specifically focusing on the job status feature (including the error log). This function is relatively new to the web version of P21, but it helps give a comprehensive view of mass updates in your system.

Understanding Job Status in Mass Update:

You’ve likely encountered the job status and results button in Prophet 21, which provides a comprehensive list of all submitted mass update batches. This list includes essential details like submission timestamps, batch names, and their current statuses. What’s particularly convenient is the little arrow next to each entry, which allows you to expand and view the submissions individually.

Filtering (by exporting) Mass Update Results:

In the past, finding the failed batches was very inconvenient and required you to scroll through all the results to find them. Fortunately, in more recent versions, including the current P21 web version, there’s an export button. 

When you click “Export,” it downloads all the batch information into an Excel document that you can review for error messages.

This feature is especially handy when dealing with larger batches of data, particularly when using the Excel query version for importing (potentially massive) Excel documents into Prophet 21.

Practical Example of Mass Update Filtering:

For example, you have a batch with one failure in hundreds or thousands of records. The exported Excel document makes it easy to filter the data for only the failed statuses. You can even pinpoint the specific error, such as an invalid price family ID, and review the value that caused the issue.


So, the process is straightforward: go to the Job Status button, export the data, and more efficiently manage your data while doing P21 mass updates.

Stay tuned for more educational videos on Mass Updates. If you have any questions about this feature or anything else, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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