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Today’s quick video discusses emailing from the Order Entry screen in P21. We will also overview email acknowledgments, quotes, and other features within Order Entry.

How does emailing work in P21 Order Entry?

The first thing to note is that a customer must have an email address listed in Prophet 21.

You can set up an email address in the Physical Address and Phone tab within Customer Maintenance.

This feature is especially useful when you set up a contact without an email on an order. The system will defer to this email as their “backup email.”

A tale of emailing two Jones(es):

To illustrate this process in Prophet 21, we are going to look at two different customers: Bob and Mike Jones.

When we open Customer Master Inquiry, Bob has an email address listed, but Mike does not.

I want to show you the process of emailing both customers.

➡️ Process #1: Bob Jones (email listed)

  • Start by opening Order Entry for the customer and click on the Front Counter tab.

There are several options of items that can be Printed or Emailed (or even Faxed!) in this tab.

  • But for our purposes, we want to print an Order Acknowledgment.

Note: Your system may have renamed this section something like Print Options.

  • Simply select the Email box in the section named Order Acknowledgment and hit Save.
  • When you save your selection, the email acknowledgment wizard will pop up.

The acknowledgment will have your email address (pulled from user maintenance) and Bob Jones’ email, which is pulled from his contact.

  • You can also manually input other email addresses. For instance, if you want a copy to go to yourself or the primary sales rep, you can handle that.

📋 Additional Features:

You can also include a memo, add a subject line, or attach files to the email.

If you are sending something like a quote to a customer, and have other documents to attach, you can also pull them from your PC and send them as well.

Once you add any attachments, click OK and send your email. ✅

➡️ Process #2: Mike Jones (NO email listed)

The second process I want to show you is for Mike Jones. Mike does not have an email address listed.

Remember: If you do not have an email address listed and you attempt to send one, you will get a warning that there is no email set up on the user account.

How Prophet 21 works around this:

  • Start by opening Order Entry for the customer and click on the Front Counter tab.
  • You will notice that it still has my email address listed. However, the other email is the “backup email” I referenced at the start of this tutorial.

Remember, I have that email already set up in the customer file in the Physical Address and Phone tab within Customer Maintenance.

  • From there, you follow the same steps to save and send an email along with any desired attachments.

And that is how you Email an Order Acknowledgement in Epicor’s Prophet 21.

If you have questions about this or any other topics, make sure you comment down below.

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