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In today’s tutorial, we are going to talk about Lot Adjustment in Prophet 21. Everybody loves Lots. Right?

In this video, we are going to talk specifically about what a Lot Adjustment is, how to use it, and some limitations within Prophet 21.

Now, a Lot Adjustment is not like an Inventory Adjustment. You are not adjusting inventory in and out of stock. Instead, it is generally just adjusting or editing Lot Quantities or Lot Attributes (which we will review in more detail in a later video).

How to view Lots in Prophet 21:

  • Open the Lot Adjustment screen.
  • Enter a Location ID
  • Input an Item ID to open the lots
  • In the Lot/Bin tab, you will be able to view the current lots

Note: If you do not use bins at all in your system, you will not have a bin tab to deal with.

How to adjust Lots in Prophet 21:

Example: When the Lot/Bin tab opens, you have a Total Quantity On Hand of 400 and two lots with quantities of 200 each.

Maybe though, you mis-picked one of the lots and it should be 100 instead of 200.

To adjust the lots, you simply enter the correct quantity of 100 in the New Quantity on Hand box.

Remember though, you are not actually moving inventory in and out of stock, you are adjusting quantities in lots. So in order to keep the total quantity on hand as 400, you would make the other quantity 300 now instead of 200.

How to enter a Lot in Prophet 21:

Continuing to use the previous example, another scenario is finding an additional lot of items.

To enter this lot, enter the new Lot Number, pick a Bin, and enter the New Quantity On Hand.

Note: When you enter a new lot, it will open the Lot Extended Info window. This is where Lot Attributes will live as well as a bunch of other data. We will cover that window in a dedicated video.

Remember, whatever quantity is in the new lot, you must also adjust the other existing lots. So the 400 Total Quantity On Hand is the same even if you create or bring in an older Lot.

Now, once you save the lots and reopen the initial item, you will have three Lots with different quantities.

Lot Attributes in Lot Adjustment:

Once we get into Lot Attributes, I will explain this feature more, but if you do want to change the Lot Attributes, you would right-click on one of the Lots to view the Lot info.

That is the same Lot Extended Info screen that pops up when you add a new Lot.

So again, this was just a quick video on Lot adjustments. Follow along for more video tutorials on Inventory management in Prophet 21.

If you have questions on adjusting Lots, just leave a comment down below.

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