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In today’s video, we are talking about merging items in Prophet 21. This is a useful tool if somebody created a part number and used it, but then realized they already had an existing part number. Item Merge allows you to bring it back into that original item ID.

Item Merge is also useful if you are buying a new replacement item either from a vendor, but you want to connect the history, inventory quantities, and other details with the new item ID as well.

You do need to create the Item ID before you attempt a merge. You cannot create an item ID from the Item Merge screen.

How to Merge Two Items in Prophet 21:

Example: We have two items in our test system that we want to merge.

Item 1: Bolt 5 has a quantity of 200 in stock. Its moving average is $0.25 with a monthly usage of 10.

Item 2: Bolt 6 has a quantity of 200 in stock. Its moving average is $0.35 with a monthly usage of 25.

Important note: The Item Merge screen in Prophet 21 displays several prominent warnings because once you merge, you cannot reverse the action. I always recommend doing this in a test environment just to make sure that you are happy with how the results came through.

  1. Start by opening the Item Merge Screen.
  2. Since we want to make Bolt 5 the official item, we will enter it in To Item ID.

  3. Enter Bolt 6 in From Item ID since that is the item being merged.
  4. You may choose to keep Bolt 6 as an Alternate Item for Bolt 5 after they are merged. If you mark Bolt 6 as an Alternate, whenever you search for that Item ID, Prophet 21 will pull up Bolt 5, since it is now a legacy part number.
    Note: You can delete the alternate ID later if you wish.

  5. Again, P21 will verify that you want to merge the items since this is an irreversible action.

  6. Click Save to merge the items.

Item Merge Results:

Once you have saved the merge, reopen Bolt 5 in Item Master Inquiry to see the results of your item merge.

  • Prophet 21 merges both item quantities for a new quantity of 400.
  • On the Cost tab, the new moving average is $.30 (by averaging the previous averages of $0.25 and $0.35).
  • On the Usage tab, the new monthly usage is 35 (by combining the previous usage of 10 and 25).

If you guys have any questions on item merges or other Prophet 21 tools, leave a comment below.

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