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Create a new item from an existing item in Epicor’s Prophet 21.

What is the copy item function in P21?

The copy item function in Epicor’s Prophet 21 can be used to create a new item from an existing item. This is particularly useful when adding similar items from the same supplier. Utilizing this feature in P21 saves a great deal of time as you no longer have to start at the beginning for each item.

How to use the copy item function:

To use this function, first start with an existing item in your system. Click on “Copy To New Item,” enter the new item ID and description, and click “Create Item.” After creating the new item, make sure you go back though and check that all applicable fields were updated. You will still have to set up your locations, but as far as your main item settings, all of those are automatically set up.

Need to create a new item in Prophet 21 from scratch? Check out this post for a step-by-step guide.