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Getting unbiased data about any major purchase is difficult at best.  I get very frustrated when I am looking for solid reviews about a product and cannot find any.  Typically I end up bouncing in and out of sites that are just trying to hook me into reading 300 words of fluff that do not really say anything.  The other version is the “review” that sounds a lot like a sales pitch.  It’s no wonder Marcus Sheridan as dubbed ‘frustration’ as the “f-word of the Internet”.   In today’s post, I am compiling my research to give prospective buyers a list of real Prophet 21 reviews that they can use to help make the best decision on an ERP system.

The List of Unbiased Prophet 21 Reviews

Review #1: TrustRadius

This review looks like it was put together by someone who has actually spent some time using P21.  Just read quickly because the text blurs after a bit and then they want you to sign up for an account.  Not optimal, but the text of the review isn’t too bad.  Here is a quote:

Epicor Prophet 21 is well suited for a distributor that buys and sells many items but doesn’t have a store front.

Review #2: Spiceworks

This review is more oriented toward the technical/infrastructure side.  Spiceworks is a IT-centric company that provides help desk software along with a range of other IT products.  In addition, there is a strong user community behind Spiceworks that frequently sounds off on all things IT.  This is a good review because the poster is asking a question and several people are putting forth solid feedback about their experiences with P21.  The following is a good excerpt:

Prophet 21 has to be setup correctly to do what you need it to do then you have to work out the permissions by creating groups.  Then you might have to customize the screens for those groups so some users don’t see things you don’t want them to.  It works well but you have to be willing to put in the time to set it up.

Review #3: Spiceworks Redux

There is another good set of Prophet 21 reviews in Spiceworks here:

I recommend particular attention to the post from user “charlesmoon”, it is clear and well written.  Below is a sample:

Information is readily available and external analytics are simple enough to implement if the included reports aren’t sufficient. Many options are available for additional add-on features and they generally integrate well.

Review #4: Serchen

Another in-depth review from a user named August Brimer.  Full disclosure, I do know him from various P21 customer events.  That said, I think his review of the system has merit in that he is giving you the good and the bad of Prophet 21 with no filter.  August’s company is best described with this excerpt:

We have 2 companies across 9 locations with 3 manufacturing divisions. Each location has a showroom for Front Counter Sales (Point of Sale) and a Service Department with a stocking warehouse. We perform central based purchasing and forecasting mainly with some location based purchasing where needed.


Updated 2/13/2018:  I went searching again for more unbiased Prophet 21 reviews.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to add.  What I did learn is that you have to pay very close attention to the source of a review.  Some of them are reviews traded for some kind of compensation.  This is something I think you have to be careful about.  Make sure the source of the review is clear when you are taking into account whether or not you want to make decisions based on that information

Wrap Up

It’s unfortunate that in a deep Google search, I managed to find only 4 places where you can get information that either doesn’t hide behind a firewall to get your email address, or isn’t a covert sales pitch.  I hope to find more reviews over time and continue to add to this list.  Until then, this will have to do.