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In today’s post, we’re continuing our series on the Mass Update function within Epicor’s Prophet 21 and focusing on the Excel query screen.

Overviewing the Excel Query Screen:

Remember, when you want to do basic changes or bulk updates for a product group, the basic mode is your best option. However, there are times when you need to make more complicated changes that the basic screen is not ideal for–this is where the Excel Query screen comes in handy for Prophet 21 Mass Updates.

Keep in mind, that both the basic and Excel query screens have a limit of ten thousand records that you can update as of this recording.

Let’s dive into a quick overview of the Excel Query Screen!


In the upper left corner of the Excel query screen, we find our templates. These templates are consistent with the basic version of Mass Update, and both versions are interchangeable.


Next is the column section of the screen. Each tab represents a different category or tab from item maintenance (or any relevant screen). Clicking on a name expands the available display options. We’ll explore this feature in more detail in future posts.

Grids & Filter Criteria:

Below the columns, you’ll find a grid with all the data from your query or imported Excel document. At the bottom, you’ll notice some grid options. Picking and deselecting columns is pretty self-explanatory. We will discuss the “clone records” feature in a future Mass Updates video–it is a handy tool for tasks like adding Prophet 21 users to the system.

Right above this grid are your filter criteria, which come from pre-saved templates when applicable. You can also create new filters as needed here.

Action Buttons:

Above the filter criteria are the action buttons. These are new features compared to the basic version, and allow you to export and import Excel documents. The job status feature is the same as in the basic version and remains consistent across both screens.


That wraps up our review of the Excel query screen of Mass Update in Prophet 21. Stay tuned for the rest of our video series on Mass Update. If you have specific questions or want to see a video on a different topic, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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